How to add class calendar with online payments on your Wordpress Homepage

If you would also like to use Online Payments and Store within your class calendar you would need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Download Wordpress plugin from here

Step 2. Install the plugin on your Wordpress admin and fill in the following details

  • Hopitude club ID: (Your club ID can be found within the URL once you have logged in to you club account, for example 123)
  • hopitude calendar language: en (english)
  • hopitude calendar version: 3 

Step 3. Add the following row in the preferred place on your homepage


<iframe id="hopitude_js_container" src="" width="100%" height="800px"></iframe>

Step 4. Inform Hopitude support or you sales agent that they should activate the payments/online store 

You're all set and done,

Hint: you can also change the colours of the calendar in your club admin settings.