About Us

What is Hopitude.com

Hopitude is a network that connects your hobbies and interest closer to people by helping you exploring and challenging old friends, new friend or people with same interest as you.

You will also get the latest news update on gear, equipment or news that for you interest

Why we created Hopitude

During trips such as business trips, we always had, leisure time after check into a hotel. We could either go to a restaurant, spend time in a bar or just sitting inside hotel room watching TV before bedtime. In other word, wasting our time doing nothing. Nothing wrong there, but we are active people and we came up with an idea! Would it not be great to have a network where we can set up events and challenge people with same interest in the city we are visiting right now? Where we also could get latest news on gear and equipment for a better price where we are now than home and in addition, getting new friends in new places with just using your hobbies to connect you?

Our vision and goals

Our vision is to inspire and help people living a more active lifestyle with providing a network where you can challenge or bee challenged by your arts friends. Whether it is skiing, swimming, hiking, chess or basketball, we have all your hobbies listed and it is easy to use.

Our goal is to reach out as many people as possible to create a profile, find people for you with common interest and start using www.hopitude.com to accomplish a better and healthier lifestyle.

Simply create a profile using your existing account on other social network, or if you want to create a new user, it will only take you a couple of minutes to get inspired for a more active lifestyle. So please help us sharing this site on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or other places where you talk about your latest experience.

We are far from perfect and we would really appreciate your feedback on how we can develop further and what we can do to give an event better experience, so your ideas is a big value for us. Please send your feedback on how we can improve on ([email protected])

You sincerely

Hopitude.com team