For gyms

For courts

For studios

Booking system with smart access has lot of useful features

Online store

Sell services and membership cards and automatically share access rights together with the purchase


Full overview of the activities with your entrances. Who and when has entered or tried to enter.

Light control

Our solution can also control the lightning of your premises, so that they only work during the service

Remote opening

Even if your customer has lost or forgotten their access rights, you can easily let them in with push of a button.

Entrance status

You will always have live overview of the status of each door. Is it closed or is it open

Employee access

Create and manage access rights for the staff or 3rd party service providers

Get costs under control

Smaller salary cost

Because of self service you are able to reduce your staff costs. Instead of paying salary fund of an employee you only have the cost of the booking system, which can mean thousand in reduced costs

Smaller electricity bill

With our system you are able to control the lights, heating or even a sauna. The devices go on only while the service is provided resulting in significantly smaller electricity costs.

More time

Thanks to having full control of what's happening in your premises and reduced stress you are able to have more free time

Increase attendance

Feedback from our customers has shown that after they installed fully featured booking system with smart lock, the attendance went up significantly

Increase the probability of customers signing up to your service by making it easy to purchase and access.

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